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Since its establishment, Dalian Really Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. devotes to make independent R&D for the products in fluid control field as well as relative systems, manufacturing, sales and technology service.
It mainly serves in the fields like machine tool, automobile, energy source, military industry and scientific research institutes etc. It has specially developed: coax valve with impurity-resistance and anti-high pressure, high-efficient and energy-saving pneumatic booster pump, anti-flushing filters for filtering cooling liquid, safe and reliable hydraulic over-load protection system as well as compacted and aesthetic hydraulic system. All of these elements and systems mainly depended on the import only in the past.
In order to meet the increasing market requirement, we provide the most convenient service for the customers, and set up the offices, agents and partnerships in the main cities across the country.
Dalian Really Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. always proposes the win-win cooperation and development philosophy, and the company tailors all information platforms: CRM, ERP, and company website are all open to the customers, agents and suppliers for sharing the information.
The established date and brief development of the company
In 2004, the company was founded
In 2006, the first air-hydraulic booster pump was developed for the over-load protection system of press from Erfurt in Germany.
In 2008, the first coax valve was developed for the on-off control of cutting fluid of machine tool
In 2010, the first domestic large-scale granular unit for underwater pelletizing air-hydraulic control system
In 2010, the company moved to the new bought factory in Dalian Development Zone and changed the name
In 2012, it gained the support of national innovative fund.
In 2013, it was identified as Dalian R&D institute and coax valve industrialization base.

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